The London International Short Film Festival will return for a fifth year of screenings, premieres and excellent films, exclusively on Eventive, May 6th16th 2021.

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2021 Schedule

Shorts Block 1
Whirlwind by Adolfo Ruiz
Green With Envy by Jon Coghill, Nicky Liddell
Four Minute Warning by Chris Hallas
Now Time With David Crawford: Online Dating by Dave Christie-Miller, Arthur Studholme
Mutiny! by Matthew Gratzner

Shorts Block 2
AM Gold by David Sutton
Solitude by Fabio Grossi
Fools Disaster by Kate White, M.A. Baratta
Flying Turtle by Zipei Zhang
Sweetcorn by Niamh Donohoe
Eighteen by Natasha Ketel, Rosie Robinson

Documentaries Block 1
Bésame Mucho & the East Side Gallery Berlin by Gilbert Brüning
London With A Mask by David Kemiki
Open Water by Kalli Anderson
Race Night by Sean Jackson

Experimental Block
Know Me by Gaia Mondadori
Lament by Nick Steinhardt, Sujin Kim
Aurora by James Barany
New York Minute by Lynn Bianchi
The Curse of Minerva by Graham Roos
An American In Europe by Johnny Vonneumann
Like Water by Mthuthuzeli November
Breathing by Fan Luo*

Shorts Block 3
Valse Naïve by Antonello Tosto, Mariapia Di Lecce
Isolation by Bill Blair
Let’s Go Out by Donald Kushon
Hard Copy by Mark Hammett
Here, After by Kit Phillips
House of La Reine by Lisa Marie Tedesco

Documentaries 2
Time Menders by Dai Shi
Clown by Shane O’Neill
The Last Vaquita by Ed Harrison
Save Me For Tomorrow by Bryan Downey
Wedding Officiant by Hõbe Ilus, Mihkel Oksmann

Sci-Fi and Horror Block
Paradox by Jordan Hurrell
Can’t Go Home Again by Anthony J. Cook
The Fourth Wall by Kelsey Bollig
Playing with Spiders by Rylan Rafferty
$700+ by Tom Aspy

Shorts Block 4
Gloria by Grayson Moody
Heat by Brandon Mordecai, Andrew Christopher Rutherford Royal, Joel Robert Kaiser
Amazing by Hajin Yoo, Bukky Sky, Jonathan Hallam
Light by Karla Caprali, Oscar Fuentes, Baby B Strings
Nanakorobi (Seven Falls) by Gaby Breiter
Bluebird by John R. Ryan
Pebbles by Renee Bourke
The Chair by Raffaele Salvaggiola

*The dance film Breathing by Fan Luo is commissioned by Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company.