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The Last Summer by ShiYun Wang

2021 Schedule

Shorts Block 1
Stop Motion: The Making Of by Kessiah Arthur
iNANA & The Unused Word: Tears Dry by Eileen Huhn, Pierre Horn
After Midnight by Lacey Darlene Paulson
Santa Con: The War On Christmas by Savannah Lobel, Chelsea Stavis
Blue Moon by Emily Ruhl
On Charge by Jeannie Stachniewska

Musical Shorts
High Note by Jordan Sellers
Old Friends and Other Days by Cameron Menzies

Shorts Block 2
The Plan by Gigi Burgdorf
Estonian Lullaby by Matvey Rezanov
Mr Darkness by Matthew J Aird
Smooth Ride by Helena Westerman, Finella Waddilove
Rough River Lake by Mary Tilden
Arena by Myles Clohessy

Documentary Shorts 1
Inniun Ueshkat Mak Anutshish by Mary Menie Mark
Planet Earth: A Brief History by Bruce Currie
Life On The Move by Jack Belhumeur
I Feel A Stillness Growing by Jonah Lorsung
Do You Remember Your Mother’s Hands? by Barbra Coco Laurré
A Day Of Jesting by Frédéric Ramade

Experimental Shorts
Free Time by Jay Sullivan
Half of Everything by Margie Kelk
iyouuswe II (I-You-Us-We-Two) : Duet by White Wave Dance by Young Soon Kim
Three Weeks Into Twenty-Five by Emme Buczko
Lotus by Angelika Fürstler, Austin Ahlborg
rEvolve by Nancy Black
Triptych by Robin Cantrell
Moving with the Trouble by Beatrice Allegranti

Shorts Block 3
The Box Station by Jinyoung Lee
Elephant in Castle by Florence Yuk Ki Lee
Comme Un Petit Air by Vincent Bailleul
The Beloved Country by Selma Cath Ben Ayed
Outside the Consulting Room by Fangming Liu
Two Sands by Poppy van Oorde-Grainger
The Last Summer by ShiYun Wang

Sci-Fi and Horror Shorts
El Camino by Fernando Campos, Jaime Jasso
Red by Ron McDougall
Oh Deer by Richard C. Jones
Girls’ Night In by Alison Roberto
Evie by Alex von Hofmann

Documentary Shorts 2
The New Hall Art Collection by Candida Richardson
Antarctica by Fredi Devas

Shorts Block 4
Swing by RT Muniandy
I Am Odd by Rory Russell
Argyle Christmas by Joe Chilcott
Rocking on Air by Kim Tran
Neeps and Tatties by Gabriel Tavares, Vianna Stella
The Elevator by Victor Santos

I Feel A Stillness Growing by Jonah Lorsung